You Could Use Some Self Care

You’ve achieved some semblance of healthy living and/or stress management, but self care is definitely in order.

You are likely exhausted, overwhelmed, or not prioritizing your health.

It’s time to take control of your stress and your health. How would you like to really feel, look and be your best self?

It needs to start with your mindset!

Get serious about Prioritizing yourself!!

1. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Getting Less than 7 hours of sleep can spike your cortisol levels, possibly making your body want to hold onto extra fat as well as mess with your body’s ability to process insulin. When this happens your body can have trouble processing fasts from your bloodstream which could mean storing fat.


2.Make time for yourself! This could be anything from spending a few mintues reading, to going for a walk or even going  for a drive…alone and blast your favorite songs. (<– My personal favorite)  Taking a shower is not self care, thats a human necessity. Make sure you are doing something you enjoy that makes YOU happy.

3. Make smart food choices! This doesn’t mean eat only salads, this means making intentional choices for whatever you choose to eat, whether that’s chicken and vegetables or a choclate bar. Realizing that YOU are in control gives you back the power over food, not the other way around. 

Hi! I’m Heather, a Certified Personal Trainer and coach for mom’s who want to lose weight, gain strength and confidence and love what they see in the mirror. 

My clients know that my goal is to help them reach their weight loss goal, become strong, confident and feel their absolute best.

As a Mom to 2 tween girls myself, I know you’re busy, you feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions, you would love more than anything to lose the weight, but you have tried before and have had trouble sticking with. itlong enough to see the results you want.   

That’s why I’ve got three great resources to help you stay the course.

1. Join My Facebook community to connect with other mom’s who are looking to lose weight and live their best life.  

2. Start taking time every day to journal, pay close attention to your wins and see where you could use some work. Grab my free journal page here, and start to change your mindset. 

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