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Frequently Asked Questions

what is the f.a.b.s. method?

The F.A.B.S Method, my signature fitness program, focuses on the most important aspects of better health:  Functional Fitness to help you live stronger every day, Accountability to help you take ownership of your results, Balanced nutrition so you always feel energized, never deprived, and Support from start to finish!

how do I get started?

Ready to get started? Schedule a call with me and we’ll discuss your goals, your schedule, and your lifestyle so I can create a custom strategy that works WITH how you live!

what's the time commitment?

All of the daily workouts in my program are designed to be done in under 30 minutes! The weekly check-in calls are also 30 minutes.

i'm just getting started with fitness

Perfect! Your program will be created and customized according to your fitness level. Modifications to your program and your workouts are always available!

I need accountability - will this help?

Absolutely! Did you know that accountability increases the likelihood of achieving a goal by 95%? My program has both app check-ins and real-time weekly check-in calls to track your workouts and your progress.

I don't have any equipment - can I still get results?

It’s absolutely possible to improve your fitness without any equipment! I’ve worked with clients to increase strength and endurance using just their bodyweight for resistance and cardiovascular training. 

During your consultation we’ll discuss what strategies will work best for you with what you have available.